Saturday, March 5, 2011

Summer Place-Chamberlain

Yesterday it was 7 degrees below zero just after it's 34 degrees above and raining! Is it any wonder that people living in Maine experience, "Cabin Fever" and get a little squirrely during this transitional time of year? Perhaps I speak for myself and my husband only....

After a failed attempt at the easel earlier this week(a large landscape) I decided to join a Facebook art group that is challenging a painting a day. I thought this would be a good kick in the pants to get going again but I'm making it a little easier by doing small studies, around 5 x 7 size. I love these small pieces and sometimes a large painting will result from one. The subjects will vary (depending on my squirreliness!) so stay tuned.

The first one is a charming Maine cottage by the sea. We particularly liked this old place and the view was lovely at sundown ..the golden light just touched things here and there. We imagined it is filled will life and laughter during the summer months but the people from away were gone and the home closed for the long winter rest.

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