Saturday, March 26, 2011

Painting a Day-or every other day

The Painting a Day has turned into more like a painting every other day but I'm satisfied. I've done more paintings this month than usual and it's been a challenge to get myself up to the studio after working all day.
This little study is of a summer field next to the Basin Recreation Area in Evans Notch..located right on the Maine New Hampshire border. The sky was breathtaking that blue and wonderful cloud formations.
We love this region and go there often. There's a National Park campground that looks inviting too.
The campsites are private and wooded..with hot showers and a small lake nearby. Hiking trails, kayaking and sitting by a fire at night sounds pretty inviting right now.
5 x7 acrylic and available for $75 including shipping.


Marie Theron said...

Hi Karen, lovely! How did you get it so bright? It is as if a luminous mysterious background color lights it!

klp said...

HI Marie,

The actual colors in the painting are very close but just slightly more gray, especially in the clouds at the very top of the image.
I try to adjust the colors in Photoshop so that they are correct..but sometimes they are not perfect.Glad you like!