Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Painting a Day - Two for One

I can't seem to get away from color no matter how hard I, here are the next two offerings for the Painting a Day challenge.
There are countless ways to explore hue and tone in images like these and I'll try other studies with that in mind before moving on to a large painting.
Painting scenes from photos rekindles memories of the day trips Steve and I've taken through towns such as Pemaquid and Harrison, featured in these two works. Perhaps that's why the colors are so strong...we've gone through some interesting places in Maine. I'm using this daily painting regime as a way to find my bearings after being away from the easel for a few months and working small takes some of the pressure off.
These paintings will be added to my new website and available for sale.
Shipping will be included in the price.


Marie Theron said...

I love the road that leads the eye into that colorful and restful scene!

klp said...

Thanks Marie. I love painting roads and trails. There is a road in tonight's painting which will be posted in the a.m Sweet dreams!