Sunday, March 13, 2011

Painting a Day- Dusk in Bristol

I painted this small study of sundown on a winding road in Bristol. There are more great scenes from this area near Pemaquid to paint such as New Harbor, and Chamberlain to name a few. My husband's family once owned a small cottage in that area. It would've been nice to have it was right on the water.
We have dinner guests this evening so I won't post another painting for two days.
As you can see painting telephone and cable lines isn't my forte.
Acrylic 5 x7.


Marie Theron said...

Hi Karen, I am all for just suggesting the telegraph lines, no need for detail. Once again I have enjoyed this depiction of your side of the world!Regards from Cape Town.

klp said...

HI Marie, I always enjoy hearing from you.
The situation in Japan is worrying..the world is a troubling place.
Take care, K