Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Painting a Day - Portrait of Steve

This is my husband Steve. He was sitting on a bench at the top of a mountain in New Hampshire during one of our short vacations when I took this great photo. We had just received news that our brother in law had died unexpectedly and our moods had turned somber. The White Mountains are a region we head to frequently to recharge our batteries. The natural beauty of this National Park always puts things in perpective for us so we couldn't have been in a better place to process this tragedy.
Steve thinks I flatter him here..not so. I hope his strength and character come through in this study even a little. He's been knocked down pretty hard by a rare auto immune disease and bounces back every time it hits. On this fine day, with the warm sun on our backs and a breathtaking view of the valley and mountain range stretched before us..we were feeling pretty lucky....

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