Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Highlander

This may look like a giant pile of hay with handlebars but it's actually a breed of steer called the Scottish Highlander. They come from the remote and scarcely vegetated areas of Scotland, are very economical to raise because they don't need much to eat, and can withstand severe weather conditions. They also provide very tasty meat making them a prime candidate for beef production. I just happened to bring our camera while doing errands in the next town over and was able to get a rare photo opportunity. ...You don't see animals like these very often. This dun colored steer is part of a small herd that usually grazes in a pasture far from view but they were right next to the road on that day . I have close ups of them facing me and good head shots which will be used for future drawings and paintings. It was hard to tell where the hay he was laying on left off and the steer's body started! Despite the cold, damp weather he looked quite comfy...

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