Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hanna's of Pemaquid

Pemaquid is another picturesque village along the Maine coast and this little convenience store with gas pump is the social hub for residents. While driving through there last fall we recognized the truck as a '48 Ford..because we used to have one! We fell in love with it when we tried it out and bought it without thinking about it's practicality I guess. We used it all the time to pick up materials for our antique farm remodeling projects, errands.. or just for a country drive. It wasn't easy cramming our three young boys and dog in there with us but we did and had great fun. It still had the original engine..a flat head 8( don't ask me what that is but it sounds cool) and had to be double clutched to shift gears..no power steering in that baby either. She was rough and tumble...
It was a sad day when the old girl finally quit for good. She was eventually rebuilt by a neighbor and sold...what a great truck.
This is pastel on acid free foamcore primed with Colourfix terra cotta..approximately 8"x8"..for sale too..

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