Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Evans Notch-Gilead, Maine

In my previous blog I showed you the beginning of this painting with the initial shapes sketched in over a bright pink toned ground. After a few trials and tribulations this is the finished piece.
While painting this scene and as and more of the image details emerged I was reminded of our trip to this peaceful spot in western Maine. The quiet winding road, which is Route 113 if you're ever in the area, runs through Evans Notch in the foothills of White Mountain National Park. There are hiking trails on both sides of the road and places to stop and enjoy the woods, gurgling streams and panoramic views waiting at the top of Royce and other mountains. The sun was bright and warm on that day and the cool shade provided by the tree canopy brought welcome relief after our strenuous hike. It took us about an hour and half to reach the summit of Royce but the reward was well worth the effort.
This is pastel on panelli telati which is 18 x 24. It's also available..We will try to add my new work to my website soon...where does time go...

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Kpeters said...

What a lovely landscape. I think after the winter we have had this year in Maine, everyone can appreciate the beauty of a road through the forest like this.