Monday, March 31, 2008

Are We Done Yet?

That's a very good question being posed here by my neighbor's well schooled driving horse 'Champagne' . I took some great photos a while back during a schooling session and this one stood out as a favorite. The owner is a dedicated horsewoman who rides and drives year round and also competes in national driving competitions, placing high in many. It takes hard work and just plain guts to drive a horse..The only means of communication between horse and driver(whip), are two long thin leather reins. Maneuvering a half ton or more of fire breathing animal through a very tight cone course at break neck speed is quite a sight to watch. Patsy's horse performed beautifully this day and while she and I chatted after the workout Champagne turned her head back looking directly at us behind her blinders and asked..."Are we done yet?
This scratchboard journey is taking me somewhere..not sure where, but I'm not done yet....

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