Friday, April 4, 2008

Autumn Road

OK..I think my fascination with scratchboard has been temporarily satisfied. So ..time for glorious color and pastels.
I just had to paint something with green in it..We still have three foot high snow banks in this part of the country and this image filled the bill. It's a scene just up the road from our house and the field on the left, which is mostly out of frame, is about 20 acres and lush green during summer and early fall. The property owners take great care by fertilizing it yearly so their farm animals will have nutritious hay to munch on through the winter. Sometimes in the evenings small herds of deer graze peacefully on the rich grasses and alfalfa. We take frequent walks in this direction and I love watching the evening sun spread it's golden fingers over the field and across the road.
This is pastel on gallery wrap canvas prepared with Colourfix terra cotta primer...11 x 14 and it's for sale..just inquire if interested .
Come on SPRING.....

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