Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bits and Pieces

This is my kitchen window featuring a partial view of the yard in winter and what I see every morning as the sun moves from east to south east casting light through the evergreens that live beyond our fence. It's been so cold that none of the snow from past storms has melted of today it's waist deep and the snow banks along the roads are like giant white tsunamis. The funny collection on the window sill includes a photo of my oldest son and his wife in an unusual pewter frame, a few antique bottles..I have a large collection of those in other places, a Purina hand held scale hanging on the left and an old brie cheese box. The martini glass holds cuttings of a favorite houseplant waiting to be transplanted. There's also a small ceramic frog basking in the sun...(boy does that sound good), a crystal doorknob and a stained glass pear... These are bits and pieces of favorite things.... mementos of people, places we've traveled and cherished gifts. I left the goose neck faucet in because I like the organic shape and it looks to be leading the parade...
casein 11 x 14
There's just no getting around the winter landscape that surrounds us at the moment and the light and shadows created by the snow are very interesting so there's another snow scene in casein the works.

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