Saturday, January 24, 2009

This is Gracie

I got alot accomplished today...cleaned up the studio and the house, gessoed some panels to prepare them for painting and started one of those with an underpainting. I've been thinking about the one I'm about to start for quite some time so stay tuned as I work though it.. I'm thinking forward to shows and hope it will be worthy.
While waiting for the underpainting to dry I painted this portrait of my middle son's 8 month old puppy Gracie. She's a rescue from Arkansas and a sweet little dog. Her ancestry is a guess.....the vet says a Jack Russell and Dachshund she looks like a very long JR with a full length tail. Her big floppy ears are really comical and her markings are definitely that of a JR. We don't know how or where she was found but her temperament is just right for a young family.
I got a nice photo of her with a very trusting look in her eyes...typical of her. The contemporary design of the carpet she was sitting on adds an interesting background as well. The black curved structure in the top left is a rocking chair base.
This is 5x7 casein...and not for sale..I know who'll want this one..


Anonymous said...

I love it...and what a cutey she is .....isn't casein so easy to work with??

klp said...

Thanks! Yes she is a neat little dog.
About casein...The more I use this paint the more I like the earthy colors, great texture and matte finish.

Kpeters said...

so you ARE hooked! I would love to see your landscapes in casein!!