Monday, January 12, 2009

The Barn in Jefferson

We came upon this grand old barn in the town of Jefferson during a drive this past fall. It was a beautiful day and the late afternoon sun hit the roof and front of it in the most interesting way. The road through this area was full of surprises and we stopped often to take photos......but I just had to paint this barn first. Architecturally speaking barns are an endangered least here in Maine. The huge structures generally fall to ruin because they are no longer practical for storage and are too expensive to maintain or repair....icons of the agricultural age. Luckily this one looked to be part of a exclusive summer camp and had been completely restored. The property behind it runs down to the shores of pristine Damariscotta Lake.
There will be more paintings from this rural region....and definitely more barns and farms in all kinds of condition.
This painting is available. In an effort to make my original artwork more affordable I do offer payment plans....please inquire. Really....I'm flexible and want people to enjoy my original work in their homes.
This was done on 11 X 14 light umber Unison Pastel board...great to work on! It's archival and ready to pop into a frame.

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Kpeters said...

I love the colors in this pastel painting. Love it!!