Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tweaking Process

A day or two after I consider a painting finished ...or even longer, sometimes weeks, I find that some tweaking is necessary. The shadows cast by the barn, horse and groom
had to be pulled closer in hue to unify the painting. The ground in the distance was toned down to push it back.. and the bright sunlight on the horse's back needed adjustment.
This process is part of how I work all the time and the biggest help in this finishing stage comes from using Photoshop. I photo the painting in bright natural light then load it into my computer. This is where the real fun begins. I check for tone values by removing the color and making the image black and white, or flip it horizontally (like looking at it in a mirror) to find distortions. This saves so much time and seeing a painting on a monitor is like looking through a different set of eyes..I've included a black and white image that's been flipped to show you.
hmmm.... in another day or two there will be a few more subtle adjustments.
I guess "The Final Touch" is an appropriate title....

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