Thursday, February 5, 2009

Winter Inlet-Cliff Island

It's time to get into the show season again and there some great opportunities coming up.
Freeport Square Gallery is hosting an exhibit called 10" x 10" for all paintings or 3D pieces that are 10" or smaller. This is one of four 5" x 7" paintings going into the show.
I found this inlet on a trip to Cliff Island a few years ago. It was December and the summer people were gone and the locals were no where to be seen so I had the place to myself. The dirt road winds down to a lovely curved beach on the back of the island. Ice hadn't gripped the bay yet but I knew it was coming.
When I was a kid my family lived on Casco Bay. It was so cold one winter that most of the Bay froze and people could walk across the ice to some of the islands..(not Cliff's more than ten miles out). There was a beach at the end of our road and I remember climbing over the icebergs that were piled up everywhere..some were a foot thick. That day a group of boys from the neighborhood headed out toward one of the islands and made it back to tell the tale. This winter reminds me of that time. This is Casein 5 x 7..(sorry about the reflection).
There are over 35 artists in the show..come if you can.. it runs for three weeks, with opening reception on Sunday.
I have a one person show at The Freeport Cabaret coming up soon. More on that later...

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Kpeters said...

I can't wait to hear more about your one "woman" show! Good for you!!!!