Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An afternoon in Shapleigh

My work keeps me pretty busy and it's interesting but I really look forward to my days off, especially when the weather is so nice. Steve needed photos of a new listing in Shapleigh so we made an afternoon of it.
While he was at the town hall gathering information I took Koda for a walk through the sweet park in the village center. I was surprised by a pair of handsome Canadian geese with a family of seven fluffy gray sygnets. Dad and mom walked toward me with threatening looks as I approached them for photos. You can see the pond and bridge in the photo of the geese. The gardens and gazebo are beautiful too. From the poo covered sidewalks I'd say they own the place for now.
When Steve finished we headed north to Limerick to pick up lunch, then we found a quiet lakeside spot on West Pond in Parsonsfield to eat.
The bottom photo is of old Mousam Grange which is across from the town hall and the park.
I'm inspired by the scenery in Maine and paint these places in my head..getting to the studio is quite another thing....


Marie Theron said...

Oh, paint those geese, Karen! And the pretty cottage with the fence!What a lovely area!

klp said...

Hi Marie, Isn't this a cute village! I have a full time job as a fine craft gallery manager so my days off really fly. Steve and I spend as much time together as we can and we babysit for one of our grand daughters too.
I wish there were more time to paint but for now it's enough just to enjoy the Maine scenery and the outdoors. Summers here are very nice. Take care. Karen

Marie Theron said...

Karen, I read about Maine, mostly in American country magazines. The farm-like idyll of the place gets to me. Enjoy your summer and that very nice "stress-free" appointment as gallery manager!