Friday, October 3, 2008

Hogs and Boars

This weekend Freeport Square Gallery is hosting a benefit show and sale for the Freeport Historical Society. This is to benefit preservation and perpetual care of the Pettengill Farm Conservation Trust. This farm is not related in any way to my husband's family..unfortunately for us... just a coincidence. I submitted several paintings and studies for the exhibit called "Barnyard Art" and this oil called "Hamlet", is one of them.
This land trust is a 160 acre parcel complete with the original 175 year old farmhouse in a setting straight from a Wyeth painting. The fields and woods around the property are open to the public and contain shoreline on a peaceful estuary only a short drive from Freeport's busy shopping district. Steve and I took a walk down the road to see the farm about a month ago which winds gently through the woods for about a mile before opening up into meadows dotted with ledge outcroppings. I followed hoof tracks all the way in and longed for the days when I had my horse to ride through there too. The road sweeps around to a view of the little white cape stoically facing the inlet. It felt as if we'd been transported to another time and place. What a beautiful location for a homestead.
Sorry to say though...we were shaken from our thoughts by swarms of hungry mosquitoes after taking a few photos we hoofed it out of there and made a mental note to return when the little buggers aren't there.
The Historical Society has plans to rebuild the barn that once stood not far from the house and finish restoring the home interior to use as a museum.
The property will be included in a series of local landscape paintings that I've started.
With so much turmoil in our country and the world today I firmly believe these special places are more important than ever to help keep us sane....yes...hogs and boars indeed....