Monday, April 25, 2011

Cape Porpoise In Winter Light

Easter was a great day for Steve and I. We had a good hike in the morning then a short break before going to our son's home to celebrate the holiday and two family birthdays. The weather was cooperating for a change so we had a cookout prepared on their new hot dog cart that will be set up in Freeport this summer. Check it out on Depot Street.

After such a full day I like to go to the studio in the evening to paint. The act of painting has become almost like an act of meditation. I think it's the result of painting more often in the past two months and just getting into a rhythm. I care less and less about little mistakes and let them be.

I liked the roof shapes in this scene of Cape Porpoise, the dock with the light bouncing off the poles and the land across the cove. This little harbor will be busy soon...I like to remember it this way.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A walk in the woods

On Easter morning we decided to take a short hike on a new trail here in Pownal, cleared by volunteers of the Royal River Conservation Trust. This organization received grant money to install two bridges and extend a public trail system connecting Bradbury Mountain State Park to Pineland Farm in New Gloucester. The new section includes a beautiful wooden and steel bridge that spans the Chandler River and was just completed about a month ago. The trails are all open, free to the public, for hiking, mountain biking, cross country skiing and horse back riding. We are fortunate to live in a place where these natural amenities are at our doorstep and can be enjoyed every day.

We met like minded neighbors who were hiking with their two boys and were just as impressed with the work as we were. We plan to go back often this summer and bring our family members too. Koda enjoyed the walk and gave me a happy face on the bridge.

One of the photos shows an ancient piece of farm equipment left there long ago. Many of the original farm's stone walls are still intact and run everywhere through the woods down to the river. They are covered with rich

green lichen now and mark off old cow pastures.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Tight Quarters - New Harbor

New Harbor is just outside of Pemaquid Village and is unique in that there are two separate harbors in the town.

This one is narrow, deep and stretches inland to the right and out of frame. It's more protected from the open ocean than the other larger harbor out of frame to the left and around a V shaped peninsula. There are several docks on both sides of this gut with many pleasure craft and working boats moored or tied up all through here. I actually left out three other boats that were jammed into the photo shot, but even so, these four remaining boats are pretty snug in the scene. While we were here the ocean swells rolling in from the mouth of the harbor tossed the boats up and down, swinging them precariously close to each other. I wanted a composition that would convey a sense of tight quarters and moving water. The jostling maneuvers must be exciting to watch on a busy summer day.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Friendship Harbor in the Fall

Two years ago we drove up the coast and took some roads out to coastal peninsulas we'd never visited before. It was a sunny October afternoon so we decided to check out Waldoboro and continue on out to Friendship. I say 'on out' because Friendship is fairly remote and way off the beaten path..our kind of place. The village was very quiet as expected and the summer homes were tidy and buttoned up tight. Only the local residents live there year around..and maybe a few city transplants. I wondered if the locals look forward to this time of year or miss the people from away...easy answer. Down on the docks it was business as usual with fisherman bringing in traps and securing equipment for the coming season. The original founders of this area sure knew what they were doing when they settled here because the harbor is a well protected cove and the water is calm. I heard alot of men talking but couldn't see them, but I did capture one of their companions sunning himself next to a truck. He got up and wondered up to see me. Acrylic 5 x7.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pemaquid in Red

I've done a second study of a summer home in the village of Pemaquid because the porch, window and barn shapes really intrigue me, especially in strong sunlight. The organic tree shapes help break up the geometric forms of the buildings that really are on this property. I think the cast shadow of the tree in front of the barn draws the eye behind the house creating more depth. This is a birch panel that started with a bright green under pokes through in parts of the lawn and in the trees behind the house. I'm not sure what I'm looking for, but it's interesting to experiment with unusual color combinations using everyday scenes like this. Maybe I'm addicted to color..?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Painting Maine

Blueberry fields are stunning in the fall when the leaves turn a brilliant crimson .The feeling I have for a scene like this is difficult to capture in a painting. Red and orange paints don't do it justice and my ability to execute it. This field is on a back road in Union, just inland from Camden and Rockland. We were there two years ago for a long weekend enjoying the countryside and celebrating my birthday.

We visited Savage Oakes Vineyard which isn't too far from this spot. Their grapes and blueberries grow side by side on a sweeping hillside way up behind the tasting house. We bought a bottle of their blueberry wine and saved it for the family's Thanksgiving dinner. It was so delicious..that bottle of wine defined this time and place as well as any painting.. This is 8 x 8 deep birch panel.