Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Travels through Maine

While a possible snowstorm heads it's way to our neck of the woods we'll count our blessings and enjoy the bright sunshine of the past few days..Take'em while you can is our motto!
Winter still has a small grip..but it's weakening and spring is definitely on the way.

Steve had a property to show near the New Hampshire border on tuesday so I went along for some photos of the region....and lunch.

We drove into Rochester, New Hampshire, for a quick bite and stopped on the way back for photos in the pretty village of Alfred and a few other places. The light was perfect for cool shadows and reflected sun. This antique shop's windows are packed with old books and intriguing pieces..we'll have to go back and check it out another time. The mansard roof and dormers remind me of a big fancy victorian hat. The steeple located on Main Street in Rochester stood majestic with the wispy airbrushed looking clouds behind it. New England is still a beautiful place even after a miserable winter.

So many scenes to paint..time just flies...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Painting a Day-or every other day

The Painting a Day has turned into more like a painting every other day but I'm satisfied. I've done more paintings this month than usual and it's been a challenge to get myself up to the studio after working all day.
This little study is of a summer field next to the Basin Recreation Area in Evans Notch..located right on the Maine New Hampshire border. The sky was breathtaking that blue and wonderful cloud formations.
We love this region and go there often. There's a National Park campground that looks inviting too.
The campsites are private and wooded..with hot showers and a small lake nearby. Hiking trails, kayaking and sitting by a fire at night sounds pretty inviting right now.
5 x7 acrylic and available for $75 including shipping.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Painting a Day-Puddy in the Leaves

This fellow's name was "Puddy". He was a big beautiful cat owned by a friend. I used a wonderful photo supplied by her for this portrait study of him walking through the leaves. She has a good eye for photography. The view of him from above and texture of the leafy matter around him made for an interesting perspective and contrast in textures. There was a pretty maple leaf sitting on his back in the shot but it might've drawn too much attention from the main subject so I left it out. I have another photo to work from for a second study and will try that too. This one is for MJ and I hope it brings back fond memories of this special family companion.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Painting a Day-Alburquerque, N.M.

This great classic car was parked on a shady side of the street in the Old Plaza of Alburquerque, when we were there last summer. It was in super condition and drew a lot of attention. I loved the front grill and visor over the windshield. That visor is a real nice feature to have on a car in a places like the Southwest where the sun is intense. It was 113 the day we drove into Tempe, Arizona, and that was a little overwhelming for New Englanders like us, but we found a sweet hotel with a nice refreshing pool and free drinks..that made it easier to take.
The grill on this car kind of looks like a smiling face to me...very welcoming I thought.
We traveled on some sections of Old Route 66.
It isn't at all like it used to be but I'd like to go back to this region some day...
This is called, " A Friendly Face in Alburquerque", acrylic 5 x7
My husband might not let me sell this one.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A scene from lake side in Jefferson Maine last summer. My son and his family rented a cozy little cottage for a week and the weather was fabulous the entire time. They invited us for a cookout that included a boat ride down the entire length of the lake which is about 9 miles.
This region is just a short ride from busy Route One but often overlooked by out of staters.
We love sitting by the campfire on a summer evening and watching the sun go down..just listening to the water gently splash on shore. There's nothing like a few toasted marshmellows to round off a good barbeque.
Acrylic 5 x7. Available for sale.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Painting a Day - Portrait of Steve

This is my husband Steve. He was sitting on a bench at the top of a mountain in New Hampshire during one of our short vacations when I took this great photo. We had just received news that our brother in law had died unexpectedly and our moods had turned somber. The White Mountains are a region we head to frequently to recharge our batteries. The natural beauty of this National Park always puts things in perpective for us so we couldn't have been in a better place to process this tragedy.
Steve thinks I flatter him here..not so. I hope his strength and character come through in this study even a little. He's been knocked down pretty hard by a rare auto immune disease and bounces back every time it hits. On this fine day, with the warm sun on our backs and a breathtaking view of the valley and mountain range stretched before us..we were feeling pretty lucky....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Painting a Day- Dusk in Bristol

I painted this small study of sundown on a winding road in Bristol. There are more great scenes from this area near Pemaquid to paint such as New Harbor, and Chamberlain to name a few. My husband's family once owned a small cottage in that area. It would've been nice to have it was right on the water.
We have dinner guests this evening so I won't post another painting for two days.
As you can see painting telephone and cable lines isn't my forte.
Acrylic 5 x7.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Painting a Day-The Contender

The regimen of painting a day is catching on. I'm starting to feel that I have to paint or the day isn't complete.
These small works are enjoyable and easier to manage with my full time work schedule.
This cow is snoozing in the sun in one of the exhibitor barns at the Fryeburg Fair. Farm animals are brought there to show and then sell for meat.
I think one day humans will discover that animals weren't necessarily put on this earth just for our pleasure and use.
5 x7 acrylic and available for sale. I'm selling these small paintings for $75 each including shipping. Please inquire.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Painting a Day -Rose Colored Sky

Steve and I have passed by this farm literally hundreds of times and always marveled at the roof shapes and huge size of the place. It was a working farm not too long ago and dairy cows grazed the fields. It sits idle now. I have photos taken of this place from all different angles, even from the other side which is interesting too.
This palette is just an experiment..I don't usually go in this direction.
Perhaps I should've made the field all green...
Acrylic 5 x 7

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Painting a Day - Two for One

I can't seem to get away from color no matter how hard I, here are the next two offerings for the Painting a Day challenge.
There are countless ways to explore hue and tone in images like these and I'll try other studies with that in mind before moving on to a large painting.
Painting scenes from photos rekindles memories of the day trips Steve and I've taken through towns such as Pemaquid and Harrison, featured in these two works. Perhaps that's why the colors are so strong...we've gone through some interesting places in Maine. I'm using this daily painting regime as a way to find my bearings after being away from the easel for a few months and working small takes some of the pressure off.
These paintings will be added to my new website and available for sale.
Shipping will be included in the price.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Painting a Day & Sheets in the Sun

It's been raining cats and dogs for two days now and everyone I know is talking about the weather. Winter has been long and dispite all the rain we still have 4 ft snowbanks.

I decided to paint something I really look forward to in summer and that is hanging sheets on the line. They smell so fresh and sweet.. I think they absorb the sunlight.

This is on canvas board, a texture that I don't like for acrylic so I'll switch back to gessoed panels that are smooth for the next paintings.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day two of the challange

Yesterday was day 5 of the March Painting a Day challenge..but day two for me. I started out of the gate at some point I'll have to paint two in one day to catch up.

This is the fisherman's dock at the end of the point in Cape Porpoise. It was such a great day when we were there last week. The sun was very bright and the water was smooth and calm..just a few ripples with sun sparkling off the peaks. It made for nice reflections of the boats moored there.

The lobster traps lined up and the spot of red in the storage box and buoy added different textures and perspective. Hard to believe that this place is swarming with people at other times of the year. I won't be there then...

Acrylic 5 x 7.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Summer Place-Chamberlain

Yesterday it was 7 degrees below zero just after it's 34 degrees above and raining! Is it any wonder that people living in Maine experience, "Cabin Fever" and get a little squirrely during this transitional time of year? Perhaps I speak for myself and my husband only....

After a failed attempt at the easel earlier this week(a large landscape) I decided to join a Facebook art group that is challenging a painting a day. I thought this would be a good kick in the pants to get going again but I'm making it a little easier by doing small studies, around 5 x 7 size. I love these small pieces and sometimes a large painting will result from one. The subjects will vary (depending on my squirreliness!) so stay tuned.

The first one is a charming Maine cottage by the sea. We particularly liked this old place and the view was lovely at sundown ..the golden light just touched things here and there. We imagined it is filled will life and laughter during the summer months but the people from away were gone and the home closed for the long winter rest.