Saturday, February 28, 2009

Koda Under the Leaves

I've had an idea for this painting of Koda mulling around in my head for a while. Don't know why but the idea of wallpaper designs got me started. My thought was to put her against that type of background and it had to be harmonious and decorative but not distracting. To show more movement and energy I placed the leaves or feathers, whichever you prefer, randomly across the if floating or dropping. Not sure why the leaves or feathers either..just like the shapes and the green harmonizes with her reddish coat.
Koda was reluctant to pose for me..I woke her from a nap but she came through and gave me just the right look. What a clever girl..
This is casein on 11 x 14 Jack Richeson toned pastel board...

Koda's Path

It felt great to get back into the studio again. I finished up the painting of Koda in the snow and left most detail out of her face and lightened up the tracks. I spent some time recently photographing Koda outside...really interesting shadows and colors to get for future work.... Might at well strike while the irons hot(or cold as I sit here with many layers on)There's another snow painting coming with something different in store.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

Just getting back to normal here..what ever that is...after a tremendous snow and ice storm swept through several days ago. We lost power for two days but consider ourselves fortunate because there are still people without it! We have a generator and that sweet little machine kept us here and comfortable too...a very good investment..
Not much opportunity to get into the studio however...digging out takes a lot of time....
But there is always a positive I posted some photos taken right after the storm and a day or two since..The snow is still sticking to the north side of the trees even after 5 days. ..the wind really blew and plastered everything. It is quite beautiful around here but very costly and time consuming to clean dams on the roof, drains to clear, snow banks to push back so we can see traffic when heading out. Steve took an afternoon to straighten up the graceful birches that line our driveway..they were completely bent over, bowing to the snow god. The bird feeders are almost level with the snow..the squirrels are ecstatic.
It's so lovely but exhausting.
By the way my studio is the second floor of our home which is in one of the photos here. I'll post a few photos taken from that perspective on the next blog.
We live in a winter wonderland..might as well enjoy...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dog Path-winter

This casein underpainting is of a play break with Koda during a very sunny day last week. On some winter days the sunshine reflecting off the snow is just blinding. It takes a moment for ones eyes to adjust. As I squinted to look for my dog I was struck by the contrast of an orangey red form coming toward me through the bright cool colors of the snow. It was if Koda had materialized out of the light and suddenly there she was. She had completed her mission..her tail wagging happily....time to go in.
I loved the brilliant blue of the deep footprints and Koda's shadow...(what is it about blue...)
There are a few more things to do with this then the finished painting will posted...kinda like it roughed in like this's all I could really see..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Barn Cat and other stuff

I came across this older colored pencil drawing of a cat we owned several years ago named McGhee. She was affectionate and sweet but had a screw loose.. Probably the result of inbreeding. She was a bob tail but had the ear tufts, size and coloring of a Maine Coon Cat. Her fur was almost a violet color in certain light..very striking in appearance really.
We took in as her previous owner couldn't deal with her messy habits. I loved her exotic green eyes and high cheek bones...with a face like that all was forgiven...

Just a quick note to mention that I'm on Facebook now..please join if you're so inclined..or just check it out.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

One Person Show

I just finished hanging my show at the Freeport Cabaret. There are 21 paintings in the exhibit and they really look great in a cabaret-bistro atmosphere. Gar, Betsy and their son have done a great job with this cozy place that offers live music and entertainment with fine dining. It's a very nice addition to the Freeport scene. They're hosting a Valentines evening wine tasting party..would love to go but we have another commitment. There will be a show reception for me and the day and time will posted when it's been decided. The show runs until March 31. and a big thank you goes to them for having me.
Secret Mooring is one of the works in the show and painted with pastel on gessoed panel. The rough surface really adds some mystery and depth to the image... this technique will be incorporated into more pastel paintings. The little day sailor was tucked away in a tiny Parker Head inlet.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Winter Inlet-Cliff Island

It's time to get into the show season again and there some great opportunities coming up.
Freeport Square Gallery is hosting an exhibit called 10" x 10" for all paintings or 3D pieces that are 10" or smaller. This is one of four 5" x 7" paintings going into the show.
I found this inlet on a trip to Cliff Island a few years ago. It was December and the summer people were gone and the locals were no where to be seen so I had the place to myself. The dirt road winds down to a lovely curved beach on the back of the island. Ice hadn't gripped the bay yet but I knew it was coming.
When I was a kid my family lived on Casco Bay. It was so cold one winter that most of the Bay froze and people could walk across the ice to some of the islands..(not Cliff's more than ten miles out). There was a beach at the end of our road and I remember climbing over the icebergs that were piled up everywhere..some were a foot thick. That day a group of boys from the neighborhood headed out toward one of the islands and made it back to tell the tale. This winter reminds me of that time. This is Casein 5 x 7..(sorry about the reflection).
There are over 35 artists in the show..come if you can.. it runs for three weeks, with opening reception on Sunday.
I have a one person show at The Freeport Cabaret coming up soon. More on that later...