Friday, February 27, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

Just getting back to normal here..what ever that is...after a tremendous snow and ice storm swept through several days ago. We lost power for two days but consider ourselves fortunate because there are still people without it! We have a generator and that sweet little machine kept us here and comfortable too...a very good investment..
Not much opportunity to get into the studio however...digging out takes a lot of time....
But there is always a positive I posted some photos taken right after the storm and a day or two since..The snow is still sticking to the north side of the trees even after 5 days. ..the wind really blew and plastered everything. It is quite beautiful around here but very costly and time consuming to clean dams on the roof, drains to clear, snow banks to push back so we can see traffic when heading out. Steve took an afternoon to straighten up the graceful birches that line our driveway..they were completely bent over, bowing to the snow god. The bird feeders are almost level with the snow..the squirrels are ecstatic.
It's so lovely but exhausting.
By the way my studio is the second floor of our home which is in one of the photos here. I'll post a few photos taken from that perspective on the next blog.
We live in a winter wonderland..might as well enjoy...

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Kpeters said...

The winter wonderland mystique fades after a while...I am thinking spring!!!!!No more singing "Let it snow ...let it snow!"