Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dog Path-winter

This casein underpainting is of a play break with Koda during a very sunny day last week. On some winter days the sunshine reflecting off the snow is just blinding. It takes a moment for ones eyes to adjust. As I squinted to look for my dog I was struck by the contrast of an orangey red form coming toward me through the bright cool colors of the snow. It was if Koda had materialized out of the light and suddenly there she was. She had completed her mission..her tail wagging happily....time to go in.
I loved the brilliant blue of the deep footprints and Koda's shadow...(what is it about blue...)
There are a few more things to do with this then the finished painting will posted...kinda like it roughed in like this though...it's all I could really see..

1 comment:

Kpeters said...

I like it..and will you finish it off with oil...as you say it is an under-painting? Or go in with more casein?
I will be watching?!!!