Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Girls Girls Girls

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our next granddaughter and we're just as excited about this little one as we were the first. We had three robust boys in our family..... so girly stuff was not in the picture for quite some time.(I was out numbered on all fronts believe me) It was a huge relief to me when more women finally came onto the scene. First came the three daughters in law and then granddaughters. At last I could commiserate with family members who understood and appreciated the female perspective! The men and boys remain forever perplexed by us...and we them.
Here are two paintings of granddaughters Sydney and Madeline..Kelsey's painting is a work in progress and will be posted when complete. She is tall and lovely and looking forward to being the big sister. She'll be taking riding lessons this summer...horses, horses, horses..
Sydney, with golden hair flowing and wearing her favorite sunglasses looks like a glamour queen in this painting. She's a beauty and so sweet to her little brother.
Madeline seems pensive and thoughtful as a three year old in the graphite drawing..She's now 8 and skis like a champion.
The boys deserve attention so paintings of them are on the way. These aren't for sale...just wanted to show off the girls....

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Marie Theron said...

Karen, you have captured the gentleness and pensiveness of Madeleine and also the confidence and bravado of little Sydney. I am looking forward to the third picture.