Friday, May 8, 2009

My friend Kathi

This is a recent portrait of me in casein done by my best friend and artist Kathi Peters. Kathi is most well known for her contemporary realist equine work but she is adept in all genres including the figure as shown here. Kathi's in Lexington tonight with her husband Les, attending the opening of her first really important solo show called, "Finding My Voice", at Gallery B and I'm thinking of her now....
Kathi's story is an inspiration to me and everyone who knows her. She suffered a stroke a couple of years ago and has traveled a long and arduous road back to recovery. I'm in awe of the courage and determination she's shown during this period because she's had to overcome many serious physical and emotional obstacles that come as the result of a stroke. One of her most remarkable accomplishments is that her artwork has become more powerful, focused and better than ever.
Please click here to see her story and more of her paintings, drawings and papercuts.
Since her stroke she's become an advocate for other stroke victims and is dedicated to getting the word out about stroke symptoms and warning signs.
I hope she's having the greatest time this evening and enjoying the limelight that she so deserves.

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