Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Heading Home-Pownal

I've passed this farm a million times since we moved to this area over 30 years ago. It's a local landmark known as the Knight Farm and is only a few miles from our house. Everday this property changes with the light and the seasons...stoic, vigilant, timeless..a welcoming facade that sits right next to the road as you come up over the hill then down to the center of town.

Sweeping meadows drop down behind it and the attached barn is still straight and impressive. Once a successful working farm the majority of the land was recently donated by the family to a Conservation Land Trust and is now preserved for the public to use for all kinds of recreation and also abuts a state park. The fields are cut and baled every year and small herds of deer often graze there at night. Late one rainy night a large buck ran out in front of my truck, then bounded across the road after just knicking my rear view mirror.

The setting sun hit the windows and car just right and luckily we had the camera with us..I had to paint it..the sky was a million colors..yellow, orange, all kinds of blue...with thin feathery clouds streaking across. A magical moment to me.

This is a study in casein...11 x 14 on prepared plywood.


Marie Theron said...

Hi Karen, how oblivious we can sometimes be of a place, until it becomes a project to record it. I love how the light lifts out this building, and I am sure it looks different again at another time of the day.

klp said...

Everything you said about being oblvious to our surroundings is so true. After living here for so long I've really just started to appreciate the beauty and peace we have in this area of the country..I'm very fortunate to live here.
Thanks for your kind comments.