Friday, April 15, 2011

Tight Quarters - New Harbor

New Harbor is just outside of Pemaquid Village and is unique in that there are two separate harbors in the town.

This one is narrow, deep and stretches inland to the right and out of frame. It's more protected from the open ocean than the other larger harbor out of frame to the left and around a V shaped peninsula. There are several docks on both sides of this gut with many pleasure craft and working boats moored or tied up all through here. I actually left out three other boats that were jammed into the photo shot, but even so, these four remaining boats are pretty snug in the scene. While we were here the ocean swells rolling in from the mouth of the harbor tossed the boats up and down, swinging them precariously close to each other. I wanted a composition that would convey a sense of tight quarters and moving water. The jostling maneuvers must be exciting to watch on a busy summer day.

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