Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Friendship Harbor in the Fall

Two years ago we drove up the coast and took some roads out to coastal peninsulas we'd never visited before. It was a sunny October afternoon so we decided to check out Waldoboro and continue on out to Friendship. I say 'on out' because Friendship is fairly remote and way off the beaten path..our kind of place. The village was very quiet as expected and the summer homes were tidy and buttoned up tight. Only the local residents live there year around..and maybe a few city transplants. I wondered if the locals look forward to this time of year or miss the people from away...easy answer. Down on the docks it was business as usual with fisherman bringing in traps and securing equipment for the coming season. The original founders of this area sure knew what they were doing when they settled here because the harbor is a well protected cove and the water is calm. I heard alot of men talking but couldn't see them, but I did capture one of their companions sunning himself next to a truck. He got up and wondered up to see me. Acrylic 5 x7.


Marie Theron said...

It sounds like a very charming destination, Karen! I love this colorful work, it will make a lovely large painting!

klp said...

Thank you Marie,
Friendship is one of Maine's authentic working coastal villages. It was interesting to see it for the first time even though we've been up the coast literally hundreds of times. We never visited this neck of the woods.I hope you are well and I always enjoy your FB posts...Karen