Monday, November 8, 2010

Autumn Sun-Sebago Farm

The more I paint the more I realize how much my experiences and environment influence my work. This is the best way to describe the subjects that end up in my paintings.
While on a short day trip with my husband, who is a real estate broker and was headed to an appraisal, we passed this grand old farm in the town of Sebago.
It was a fine Autumn day and the brilliant overhead sun cast strong shadows everywhere.
The connected buildings are typical in Maine and were designed to make farm work easier during our long, cold winters. Farmers could move from living space to the barns to care for their stock without exposure to the harsh elements. I love the way the buildings hunker into the ground and settle as time passes.
The lack of detail caused by this kind of sunlight intrigued me so we stopped to take photos for future painting reference.
The maple tree had lost most of it's leaves but those remaining were so bright that they provided reflected light near the house. I find it sad to see beautiful farms like this one not working anymore but the ingenuity of it's design remains as a testiment to the people who lived and worked it years ago..
Acrylic and casein. 12 x 14


Kpeters said...

Lovely light and color. There are so many farms like this in Maine...
and most are not working farms now.
Thanks for doing another lovely Maine painting!

Marie Theron said...

How I love the dark walls of the buildings that you paint, Karen! I was told that it is planned that way so the house will be visible when it snows. How very fortunate you are to have those picturesque farms close by!