Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Not too long ago we drove to the coastal village of Pemaquid. We were struck by the dramatic skies as the sun started to go down in late afternoon. I was so intrigued by the shadows cast across the homes, and landscape that we stopped many times to take photos. Where would we be without our digital cameras to capture such fleeting moments!
Some may find these areas to be melancholy when everyone leaves for the winter but not's even more beautiful here in the fall. The region is rich with oranges, reds and greens. Put those hues together with old New England homes clad in white or pale yellow and the colors just sing, especially against skies with shades of blue and gray.
Very often when I take a bunch of photos the paintings I make from them don't come right away. The images have to sink in and rattle around a little before I jump in, but I was so inspired by the scenery of this lovely day trip that this one couldn't wait.
Luckily I had a bunch of canvases ready to go with a toned underpainting of terra cotta. The sky here has more yellow in it than the actual painting...
This is 28 x 32 mixed media of acrylic and casein. The blues, oranges and greens in casein are very earthy and have more depth than acrylic and they mix together quite well.


Marie Theron said...

Your sense of colour is superb, Karen. It is so good to ponder over one's paintings and go back to them. In our house it is called 'fine-tuning' like in: "Wait, I want to do some fine-tuning before it goes!".

Marie Theron said...

It is quiet in blogging world with everyone over there eating their Thanksgiving dinner. So, I paid a second visit to have a good look at this very pleasant and colorful scene!

klp said...

Marie, Thanks once again for your comments on my work. I so appreciate your kind words.We had a wonderful day with our family here...18 in all! So much food, laughter and fun.. Our youngest member,grand daughter Abby, is so cute and full of it! She wears us out with her energy. Take care!