Saturday, March 6, 2010

Playing Hookey

What to do on an exceptionally beautiful day like today? of course. I should've been working in the studio...deadlines are looming and I have work tomorrow, but instead I played hookey.
My husband had some Real Estate business to attend to up the coast so I went with him. He didn't have to pull my leg believe me. We love Orr's Island and Cundy's Harbor and that's where he had to go. Both peninsula's aren't far from here but they seem decades away in the pace of life lived there. It's still very much off season for vacationers but the local fisherman have equipment ready at the docks to load onto their boats. Here are some shots I took this afternoon...Lowell's Cove was a surprise..we've never been through this little area. The cove was dead calm but the colors of the fishing euipment jumped in the bright sunlight. The lobster traps and buoys are painted brilliant colors and indentify the owners.
If this unseasonable weather pattern continues I won't complain..but summer people may show up alot earlier.
Check out the lovely cottage right on the water...what a spot!
Some shots will become paintings...but until then I'm enjoying some sun.


Marie Theron said...

These places are so lovely, Karen! Artists are just able to observe so much more of their surroundings! I bet the little dark cottage is just the right color for you!

klp said...

Hi Marie,
I think judging from your blogs that this coastal area is right up your alley. Can you imagine sitting on the deck of this little cottage on a summer evening sipping wine..?
Thanks for taking the time to comment on my work...I really appreciate your input. K