Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Green Monster

This may seem strange but ever since we bought this funny little green toy for our dog Koda I've wanted to include it in painting. It was her favorite as a pup but we took it away because it started to fall apart. I saved it just for this..The weird shape and eyes really get me.

Koda has since moved on to more exciting oral fixation playthings such as Steve's leather mocassins, my shoes and art magazines. If we leave her home alone she'll gather them all up and pile them on her bed until we return. We also have a huge green tennis ball collection for her scattered throughout the house. Koda can bounce and catch a ball multiple times and will do it in front of us to signal "Playtime! Come on you two..liven up!"
Koda makes a great subject and she has very expressive eyes. Sometimes when she narrows them they look very exotic...almost sexy.
This is another pastel painting at 20 x 20 and was photoed with a flash so it appears pixallized and too red. Pastels are difficult to photo because some pigments reflect the little mirrors.

All my work is for sale..except maybe this one.


Kpeters said...

A willing subject and a great concept! Love you use of pastels!

klp said...

Thanks! She is very photogenic...the little flirt.