Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring in Maine

It was blustery and cold today. I can still walk on top of the snow but see bare patches of ground popping through everywhere. On warm days our driveway is like a mud the boots right off your feet. This back and forth season is typical of spring in Maine. Someday soon it will be summer..the change is that quick.

Today is Gracie's last day with us. She goes home to her real family and Koda will be missing her for sure. We, on the other hand, will not miss having a dog, who feels like a 35lb sack of potatoes wedged between us, sleeping on our bed. I posted an ablum on Facebook of the two playing together..real buds.

My website has been updated with new work from the past few months as older work has been sold and gone to good homes. There is a new photo of me on the artist page. ('s not Martha Stewart)

I'm coordinating a member show for the Union of Maine Visual Artists in May. It's going to be a great many talented artists in this group. Information about the show will appear here as time draws closer.

In the mean time I'll be working on new paintings for the show and they'll be posted here as well.

The last blog didn't get sent out..don't know what happened there, but scroll down to read it if you have time.

This is a pastel painting called "Keep to the Right" and is a road not far from here. Right now the field is covered in snow, but will be just like this.

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