Friday, March 13, 2009

Artist Reception

This weekend on Sunday, the Freeport Cabaret will be hosting a reception for me between 2-4! I'm very excited about this event because the cabaret is a popular place for fine wine, food and great music in the Freeport area. I've invited alot of people including family, friends and collectors so I hope that everyone will come and enjoy the party. There will be live music as well..piano played by "Flash" Allen!
This painting is of a distant view in Aroostook County, Maine...way up country and very rural. The area was known for its large potato farms years ago but has fallen on hard times. When we were at this road intersection we decided not to make the 11 mile drive to Quimby because the sun was going down and we had a schedule. I'll always regret our decision because the soft light lent a mystical look to the distant hills....maybe we'll go back some day to see that little village.
The sky colors and cloud shapes were so unusual that evening..this is watercolor 4.5 x10 and it's part of the 21 paintings in the show.

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