Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sea Smoke- Deer Isle

Winter is approaching quickly here in the north. Many places are covered with snow and our furnace is running steadily now. We dress in warm sweaters, fleece socks and the bed is piled high with blankets and a down comforter.
Our dog Koda revels in the brisk morning air and seems oblivious to the bitter chill we both feel sinking into our bones.
This pastel painting was done a few years ago and shows the sea smoke that forms over mud flats during a particularly cold morning down east in Deer Isle, which is about 135 miles from here. The photos used for this painting were taken by an artist friend who's lived there most of her life. Her lovely home sits on ocean front property that was part of the old family farm. She tells me she often rises early, sips her morning brew and enjoys a scene similar to this from the back deck.
This location is a few miles down the road from her place. I couldn't believe the photo when she sent it...the land formations looked primeval.... as if never touched by man.
I guess that's what inspired me to paint it. Now, with winter on the way I think of my friend getting up early to watch the sun rise, savoring the view of a magical place like this and waiting for a new day to begin.
This painting is available..if interested just inquire.

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