Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First Snow

The weather pattern is a frequent subject of discussion now that we've accepted the fact that Global warming is changing things significantly. So far in Maine this season we've had snow, freezing rain, warm rain, sleet, and bright sunny warm days alternating with almost zero temps and near hurricane force winds. Quite a variety in such a short time..kinda makes me wonder what's next. It must be tough on the local wild animal population during this transition to winter...
Our dog Koda loves the cold snow and leaps through it like a gazelle. My horses used to love it too...Their turnout to winter pasture always involved a good roll and face rub in it. Invigorated by the icy baths they'd leap into the air on hind legs and finish with a spirited gallop down the fence line with tails a' flying. It was a morning ritual that was exciting to watch. I envied their robust spirits.
I never got photos of my horses doing that(what was I thinking?) but this painting was done from photos of a friend's pony enjoying the biting air and first layer of refreshing white stuff.
This image is a reminder of the playful side of animals during weather and temperature changes.
I thought of it while watching PBS TV footage last night of a Badger repeatedly sliding and tumbling down a snowy hill . Who knew they played too...?
This pastel painting is part of the permanent collection at Skyline Farm and Carriage Museum in North Yarmouth.
Koda should provide some great images for future winter paintings...

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