Thursday, September 4, 2008

Maine Discovery Museum "Save Me A Seat " Auction Bench's been a while since the last blog but the bench for the MDM auction is finally DONE!
As promised it is.
I chose a theme that appeals to a lot of people, Man's Best Friend, the family dog. We love our dog Koda, the Golden Retriever central in the portrait on the bench back. By her side is Baxter, our youngest son's treasured Jack Russell, and Mocha the Chocolate Lab, who passed away several years ago and belonged to a friend.
Under the seat lid is a little surprise...Addie the Welsh Corgi, who is a trusted and much loved companion to my very best friend and her husband.
I've used the art of Trompe l'eoil(fool the eye) to paint objects in three D on the seat lid and the frame around the portrait..the ball, dog biscuits and leash are all Koda's things. I added the pillow covered with paw prints to finish up the grouping with a touch of whimsy.
The bench is 65" high, 32"wide and 23" deep. Storage under the seat is suitable for hats, mittens, boots, or any canine food if you wish!
The Trompe l'eoil is acrylic for durability and the over all finish is Behr latex enamel..two coats over primer for easy clean with soap and water.
Here is the link to the Auction....bids will close in November..
I hope the winning bidder will enjoy this bench as much as I enjoyed doing it..
It's been a very busy month with deadlines all coming at once. My next blog will feature a new commission and the Skyline Farm and Carriage Museum show, "Fertile Ground", opens Sept. 12 so I must get to framing new paintings for that. More on that show in another blog...

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