Friday, September 19, 2008

Fertile Ground Exhibit

This year's exhibit at Skyline Farm and Carriage Museum is called "Fertile Ground" and includes Maine artists whose work is inspired by farm life and the rural landscape. The opening reception was a tremendous success with many sales that night.
"Going green" is the new catch phrase and more people have become (re)introduced to buying locally grown foods and products so this show should be of great interest.
Sculptor Pat Plourde of New Gloucester uses found metal objects and incorporates them into his exquisitely crafted work of flora, fauna and furniture. Mary Cupp finds inspiration in the people who make a living selling at the farmer's markets that have cropped up all over the state. Ann Stein paints old New England homesteads with surprising energy and character..her bold work breathes with life. Neil Wyrick's surreal landscapes are infused with subtle shadows and delicate color that just catches the magical light of evening and sundown. There are many other talented artists in the show as well. Here's the link to Skyline's on line catalog. . Check out the silent auction pages of items donated by the show's exhibitors and others who are passionate about preserving the farm's open spaces for the public to enjoy. These wild areas will become more precious to all of us as the world gets smaller and smaller...
I have the privilege of being co-curator for this show with my very special friend and accomplished artist Kathi Peters. Kathi specializes in equine and animal paintings and is included in a new book by Vicky Moon called Equestrian Style. Vicki is famous for her books about the rich and famous and this beautiful publication features international architecture, fashion, and homes inspired by the horse. Click here to view Kathi's very unique take on the horse. I particularly like her Shades of Black series.

Here is one of my very first pastel portraits... seems like a life time ago that this was done....This is Kathi's Tennessee Walker gelding Duster who is 22 years old this year...

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