Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Save Me A Seat

I'm thrilled to be included in a fund raising art auction for the Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor, Maine. The MDM is the largest children's museum north of Boston and offers a wide range of programs for students and teachers statewide. The museum is a valuable resource that supports teachers with active hands on experiences for their students, encouraging creativity and exploration.
For this year's event called "Save me a Seat", they have chosen the chair as the "canvas" for artistic expression. Each artist is asked to transform a chair of their choice(or one will be provided by the museum) into a work of art going to the highest bidder at the fall '08 auction in November. All proceeds go to scholarship admissions and the museum's operating costs.
There are so many possibilities for chairs and my mind has been conjuring up all kinds of ideas for such an interesting project...I'll keep you posted once the chair has been chosen..
This painting is done in casein and available for purchase...was this image a harbinger of things to come ..?

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