Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Portland's West End Neighborhood

This winter scene is one of Portland's(Maine that is)West End neighborhood where quaint streets are lined with the oldest buildings in the city. Seen here are a few brick Federal and Greek revival styles mixed in with later 19th century homes. I love this area which has had a resurgence in popularity among the city's young hip professionals who are moving in and bringing the buildings back to their glory. This street is just off of Danforth.
I painted this with casein paints on a gallery wrap canvas. Gallery wrap is interesting to work with because when all edges are painted(thank you Maggie) the work can be hung without a frame.
I scared myself initially when the alizaron crimson and purple for the brick buildings went on but there are so many gray hues elsewhere it works.
Everything except the snow in this is very linear...the windows, doors, roof lines and fences.....This painting was really fun to do..
There will be more paintings of Portland coming soon..

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