Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tools of the trade

I just finished painting the table and tray for the Maine Discovery Museum Auction..A little behind in my commitments..but it's been a bit crazy this month with so many deadlines coming at once. The base color for the table is Cornflower and the paintings are acrylic with a sealer to protect the images. I really hope the museum does well with their auction in November..I may bid on a table myself. It would great to own one done by another artist. All proceeds from the sales will go to the museum. I had some fun showing a few paints and a favorite small brush that has seen better days..but I love it anyway, scrunched bristles and all. The painted tray sits on top of this.
On to the next projects...The paintings for Skyline Farm and Carriage Museum..and a bench my son Eric just finished building for that show that will have more Tromp l'oeil images too....wonder what to paint on that...hmmmm. Portrait commissions to do also...
The painted tray was featured in a recent blog so check that out if you haven't seen it..some of my favorite artists are represented on that.


Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Hi Karen,
Your Uncle Lee in NY is a neighbor of mine - well, past neighbor as we now live in SC. We've been up at the lake since mid-July, but leave in 10 days or so. He finally sent me your link. I love your style :)

Great idea for the table/tray benefit. I think I'll pass it along to our discovery museum in SC. I always see large horses and cows being used for this purpose. In SC the arts council did mermaids. Love the utilitarian aspects of the table/tray. I think in this economy there would be much more interest.

When we first arrived, Lee was telling me about your large format painting you were working on. Now I finally get to see it! Lovely! I can see why the home caught your eye. Some things just scream to be painted :)

Good luck! I'll check back in from time to time.

Marie Theron said...

Hi Karen, your 3-D work is so convincing!We just want to lift those tubes of paint.