Friday, July 25, 2008

Moored Off Little Diamond

I decided to try a little summer marine painting using acrylic. This scene is from a cruise taken on my dad's boat several years ago. He loved the ocean and was a skilled sailor. Every year he took our entire family out on his Grand Banks trawler for a day on Casco Bay. The bay is renown for it's many islands and is a mecca for boaters of all kinds. We'd usually moor off an island and have a cookout on the beach or pull up to a dock in a small harbor for a meal of fresh local seafood. There's nothing like a day on the water with the salt air filling your lungs and unrelenting sun to increase one's appetite. It rejuvenated our senses and everything tasted so good. We all enjoyed watching the variety of boats that traveled the bay from lovingly restored antique beauties to brand new power boats, sleek and built for speed.
These two were quietly moored off Little Diamond Island, a favorite and well known spot for the locals. The water was dead calm in this protected cove and I liked the reflections of the masts and lines on the gently rippled water.
This is 5 x7 .

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