Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tryon's Field

Don't know why.... but roads and trails seem to be popping up in my paintings more often.
This pastel of a nearby scene in autumn was just completed and may go into an upcoming show. While horseback riding through this field one fall I came upon an old trail that wanders through the property. The long grasses, thick and blown down by the wind fascinated me. The low sun glanced across the was such a peaceful scene. The air was crisp and filled with the familiar scent of wood smoke. I raced home, put my horse in, then raced back with camera in hand to take shots before the sun disappeared.
The old barn in the upper corner is no longer seems so long ago. Times are changing with more people slowly moving into our quiet community. I'm glad I was able to experience the country like this.
The size is 8 x 17.5 on colourfix prepared paper and for sale...please inquire if interested.

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