Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Lots of projects going on at the moment so I thought it would be interesting to show a favorite painting that was finished a few years ago. This is a mixed medium with pastel over a watercolor underpainting. I came across a heavyweight paper from Khadi, India, in a local art supply store that was used here. It's 100% cotton rag and wonderful to work with because it's practically indestructible and has a lightly textured surface that holds pastel. Experimenting can yield unexpected results like this painting. The green horse was washed in with watercolor glazes, and the background and other horses were drawn in charcoal and pastel. Multiple pastel layers build up the verdigris texture while leaving some of the watercolor showing through. The oxidized patinas of ancient copper and bronze sculptures inspired the aged finish for the main horse.
To a large degree this is a self portrait...the layers of crusty old patina are the metaphor for the layers that build up my life. In this I see myself surrounded by the people and events that have been influential in so many ways. The size is 16 x20...

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