Monday, January 28, 2008

Velvet Night

In an earlier blog about my painting called, "Whispers in the Moonlight", I mentioned that nocturnal paintings have always fascinated me, so I added another book to my growing collection of books on artists called ,"The Color of Night". It's about Frederic Remington and contains 75 of his most well known nocturnal paintings of the American west. After many years of experimentation and constant study Remington became a master technician of the American wild west genre but especially paintings of the night. In the books foreword Earl Powell III of the National Gallery of Art explains why night paintings draw such interest, "...nocturnes thus reflect both the external beauty of night and the internal threat of darkness".
This is a 10 x 12 pastel painting executed on dark blue Colourfix paper. Kathi Peters, my good friend and fellow artist provided the photo of her Welsh Cob mare, Victoria, with her first colt, Legacy. The background scenery and barn don't exist in the photo....I made them up.
"Cut down and your hardest work outside the picture and let your audience take away something to think imagine." Frederic Remington 1903.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely scene. I can feel the cool night air and here the movement of the horses.
Well done.
I had signed up for your blog feed and have not been getting any notification of new posts to your blog.
I wonder why?

klp said...

I've posts only two blogs recently so maybe you haven't missed any..?