Friday, July 20, 2007


Who is this intimidating man behind the shades? This is a portrait of my husband Steve and was done from photos taken while we were on an unforgettable two week driving tour of California a few years ago. We spent an afternoon strolling down the palm lined main drag of old Palm Springs, which is revitalized with new shops, boutiques and restaurants, and stopped to have lunch at one of the inviting outdoor cafes. I loved the reflection of the table tiles in his sunglasses and the striking black Hawaiian shirt looked so handsome against his silver hair. "Mr. Hollywood", I jokingly called him..his cool expression fit..I could hardly wait to get home to work on the painting.(On a personal note..Steve actually smiles all the time but that kind of expression wasn't what I was after..)
This is pastel on colourfix..the sand color I think. You can see it coming through in some areas of his skin. The actual background of cafe patrons and tables was so busy that I edited them out. The umbrella helps to keep the viewer's eye from running out of the upper part of the frame and moves you back down to Steve.
Now just WHO was he looking at....?

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